A Noble Profession
Men need a place to be men. Fathers need a place to take their sons for a special “guy” tradition. Noble Barber was born December 2, 2016 with the purpose of bringing back the lost art of the American men’s barbershop. The decor, the beer, and the stories make it clear you are in the right spot.
We hire only the most talented barbers in the land, and we offer earning opportunities to match their elite skills. Interested in joining our team? Visit noblebarber.com/employment to learn more. Sincerely,
Lanis Noble

Noble Barber is located in the heart of the Madison county financial district on Highland Colony Parkway and within walking distance of some of Mississippi’s best shopping and dining experiences.

Maximum Earning Potential

The Sizzle

We hire both cosmotologists and barbers.

Focused On Your Skills